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Avian Apparel

Fletch and I have always been there to motivate and encourage each other in times of self-doubt. We knew that not everyone has a support system as strong as ours, and we wanted to change that. We were inspired to create something in order to share this motivation. With this in mind, we created Avian Apparel, a company that creates products that provide motivation to achieve maximum potential. To us, Avian symbolizes the ability to exceed limitations and rise above adversity. We want to invite others to Take Flight and to strive to achieve their highest potential.

When you wear Avian, you are embracing a positive mentality that not only can help you achieve your goals and aspirations but can also inspire others to do the same. Additionally, Avian offers a brand community. When you wear Avian, you are a part of something that we like to call, The Flock. Those who are part of The Flock are champions of the Avian mindset. They elevate and inspire one another to Take Flight. We’ve started something that we believe can truly make the world a better place, and we want your help to continue spreading the Avian mindset. It’s time to Join the Flock, and it’s time to Take Flight.


Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Christian Ferguson -- CEO, Founder

Christian graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in both marketing and psychology. In his free time, Christian likes to play Pokemon while jamming out to his favorite artist, Quinn XCII.

Fletch Ferguson -- CXO, Co-Founder

Fletch is currently finishing up his junior year of college and is working to achieve his Bachelor’s of Art in communications. He enjoys playing tennis in his free time as well as climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends.

Connor Mayer -- CFO

Connor graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in finance with a minor in economics. When not on the job, Connor indulges in anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and playing soccer.

Lauren Wiggins -- CAO

Lauren is currently working on her doctorate of physical therapy. She enjoys spending time trying to learn Korean and snuggling with her 10 year old rescue cat, Kaleidoscope.